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KeepKey Discount Code: Get 50% OFF Any KeepKey Hardware Wallet

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Are you worried that your bitcoin wallet isn’t safe?. Well, KeepKey has got you covered. You do not need to store your Bitcoins over some cloud through software. All you need to do is buy this hardware wallet, and your Bitcoins will be safe forever. Not only Bitcoin but also it can protect every cryptocurrency out there. 

As you won’t be storing the currencies online, you will have all the financial freedom on your wallet. It is a hard-coded wallet that can store all your currencies.

KeepKey is also one of the most widely used hardware wallets. It also protects your digital important documents or assets from malware, hackers & thieves, etc. The software is firstly installed in the computer on which apps like Chrome or Electrum, mycelium or Bitcoin core wallet, etc.

50% Off KeepKey Discount Code is ‘GENESISFOX’

50% Off KeepKey Discount Code is 'GENESISFOX'

This section will tell you about the different coupon codes. The following coupons guarantee at least a 20% discount. 

Try all of them on, and let us know which one worked for you. These codes will significantly bring the price down and help you get the wallet for a fraction of the cost. The best will be for you to wait for cyber Monday. If you do that, you will get the wallet for just $5.

How to To Claim KeepKey Discount Code?




IBANK20:- 20%OFF.

All the above codes are working and will give the discounts mentioned above. You need to try everyone as they might expire by reading this article. Make sure you grab this opportunity.

Here are the steps to claim the discounts.

Step 1: Visit the official site of Keepkey by clicking here. 

Step 2: Click on the product and add it to the cart.

Step 3: While checking out apply the discount code we have shown you above.

NOTE: The Discount Code can be used only once. Using it multiple times might result in failure or the coupon code being not accepted at all.

KeepKey Pricing Explained

While purchasing a device, we always have one question, i.e., is the product too costly? So the KeepKey has various types of models according to the customer’s need in which the amount varies accordingly. Here are two given KeepKey’s devices that you will find.

KeepKey by shapeshift: It is pretty budget-friendly and is available for a small amount of $45. This will be able to store all your Bitcoin and altcoin wallets. There are no upper limits or storage issues. 

KeepKey5 by Yubico: This one is listed on Amazon. You can get it for $86.38. This key has a smaller form factor than the one mentioned above. However, this is much less popular than shapeshifting and has mediocre reviews.


  1. What is the best available coupon?

Ans 1. GENESISFOX is one of the most used coupon codes for KeepKey. However, this coupon code will only cut the price by 50%. If you wish to get a wallet for only $5, you can wait for cyber Monday sales.

  1. What do I do If they keep key coupon isn’t working?

Ans 2. You can always wait for discounts to load on their official website. You can also wait for KeepKey to be in stock in third-party stores like Amazon. After which if they have an ongoing discount you can take advantage of that.

  1. Where Can I Get the Best IPVanish Offer?

Ans 3. There are not a lot of available coupon codes for IPvanish. However, you can visit this site for more details.

  1. Is there any black Friday/Cyber Monday discount offer?

Ans 4. Yes. There is a cyber Monday discount on KeepKey. They host a cyber Monday discount every year, and the wallet gets a limited-time price of just $5.

  1. Does KeepKey have a student discount?

Ans 5. No, currently, there is no student discount available on KeepKey’s website. However, you can try to claim the discounts using our codes.

  1. Is there any warranty on KeepKey?

Ans 6. Yes. You have a one-year warranty on KeepKey. But do note that the warranty is available for a limited time only. After this, you won’t be able to claim the warranty.

  1. How can I refund my KeepKey wallet?

Ans 7. In order to refund the KeepKey wallet, you need to refund it within 30 days. You also need to remember that the quality should be in the same condition as before.

  1. Is it safe to use a KeepKey wallet?

Ans 8. Yes, KeepKey is safe to use crypto-wallets. As per the reviews, one of the safest and most widely used wallets compared to the competition. It is a hardware wallet, so there is no worrying about your wallet getting hacked.

  1. Does it have any locking feature?

Ans 9. The device has no specific locking system, as if you forget to unplug it from the computer, the other person may have access to it as it has no auto-locking feature.

  1. Does it have a built-in exchange?

Ans 10. Yes, it does have a built-in exchange for easy use and functionality.

  1. Does it support multi-coins?

Ans 11. Yes, KeepKey does support and manage different types of cryptocurrency. You can store any kind of cryptocurrency you own.

  1. Does it have any PIN for the opening?

Ans 12. Yes it does have a PIN while opening to add up to one more security level to it. So you do not have to worry about privacy issues.


In conclusion, KeepKey is one of the safest wallets to try. Also, make the storing device safe from digital traps. Do let us know in the comments below about your experience with KeepKey also, don’t forget the ratings.

KeepKey Discount Code: Get 50% OFF Any KeepKey Hardware Wallet
KeepKey Discount Code: Get 50% OFF Any KeepKey Hardware Wallet

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